How are you teaching?

Just viewed/experienced a very thought provoking video on using technology in the classroom. You can view it here: “Are You Paying Attention?”

Thanks to Graham Wegner for the point in that direction.

I found the video to be very compelling…especially the discussion around cell phone and ipod use in the classroom. I wonder….could it work? Could it actually bloody well work? My brain is wagging a big yes there…will have to do some thinking around that one.(and I would have to work against our school’s ban on cell phone and mp3 use in the classroom…)
The text messaging assignment sounds great, but I am wondering how to link it to Ministry PLO’s? I think you could…just wondering out loud here…

Regardless, this was a challenging and thought provoking view. Thanks for the ref, Graham. I wish I had my coffee and the morning to mull it over….


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