NETworking effectiveness…

Just doing some thinking around the idea of using the net as a networking tool for social means. It seems as though the huge popularity of sites such as myspace, blogger, and facebook point towards that strong pull of the social aspect of technology {not to mention the msn phenom…}.
I am wondering if this popularity goes further than social networking…A great experiment would be to create a persona and promote him/her via the net using some of the programs listed above to see if they create any kind of stir in ‘real time’. I know this idea is a little reminiscant of movies such as S1m0ne or perhaps a slipstream version of Shelley’s Frankenstein
(which, by the way, I think S1m0ne refs quite a bit…).
Author Peter Carey explored this idea in terms of the literary world in his novel
My Life as A Fake , which, {opinion warning…} in my opinion, was a great idea but ended up being badly written and too closely modeled and reffed to Shelley’s work. Regardless of my thoughts on the product, the idea in itself of fabricating a poet and the effects of this persona actually coming to life was a thought provoking one, albeit not an original one (see the list of poets and authors who wrote/created personas…although Carey took it a step further in his fiction).
All this to come to the point: is the virtual social net an effective tool, or a distraction from ‘real time’ social networking? Thoughts, anyone…


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