Cleaning blog house…

I Haven’t posted anything substantial in some time…and have felt for some time the desire to clean up this mess of a blog a bit…

What’s on the burners of the web-minded side of me these days?
Well, just added James Kingsley to the blogroll (clean up, did you say? How about, add to…)

Signed up for virb on a whim, as it was a jump on Andrew into the new trends of web 2.o…he isn’t convinced yet…and I can’t really say I’ll do anything substantial with it…but it beats myspace hands down in terms of design savvy.

Speaking of nothing substantial, Andrew got me signed up on facebook, which seems like a great connective tool if you want to stay in touch with your high school buddies…

Thinking a lot in terms of images and photo ideas these days…still ruminating there…

Just a few random updates.

Edu-blogging? I’ve heard of it…


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