new lens…

new lens, baby! – spring break potd day VII

Originally uploaded by James Matthew.

After some long deliberation, and mourning over the loss (breakage) of my last lens…I have finally gotten some new glass…

I picked up Canon’s 17-40 f.4 L series lens, which is a fine piece of glass.

Initial take on it:

It is a beauty of a lens, with solid construction and very rugged materials. Has strong connections that are made specifically for water & dust resistance. Not that I do that sort of thing, but bouncing along in kayak or on the West Coast Trail is not attypical behavior for my camera gear…

All zoom mechs. are internal, which means it doesn’t ‘grow’ when you zoom, and also means that the lens mech. are protected.

Constant manual focus, so you can tweak even in auto focus mode (which, by the way, is the quietest and fastest I’ve ever seen/heard – thanks to Canon’s USM (ultra-sonic motor)).

It’s big, especially with the lens hood on. Nice glass!

Overall, I am stoked, and can’t wait for some nice weather to get out and do some shooting…


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