Bad WordPress…Bad!

I just want to express some angst towards WordPress via WordPress…
I recently started another blog writing assignment with a new class – what may very well be the last one, I might add…
So after sending all my students to WordPress to sign up, seeing as how it is so slick and organizable and all, we quickly discovered that they have blocked access for registering from people who use hotmail accounts.
The claim is that WordPress has recieved too many junk signups from hotmail toting members.
I have several words for this:

1. 1 gig of storage space – very nice, hotmail. Koodos to you on doing that…Now can you ditch the desperate dating service ads?

2. WordPress lost my class as new members, as most students were trying to sign up using hotmail, and I advocate for students not using personal or home email addies in their stuff.

3. It turned a quick signup activity into a several class long exercise in frustration…

I understand a companies’ insistence on trying to maintain some cleanliness in users, but blocking an entire user network based on email adresses seems a little extreme, and is very inconvenient.

The outcome is that several glitches later I have most students (finally) signed up on learnerblogs – which was harder than it should be….the clickable world is not so friendly…
and I have a few on blogsome (in spite of the ads…) and blogger (in spite of the sloppy design).

This experience could be my last foray into the world of classroom blogging…It took up way too much time, and created way too much frustration.

Bad wordpress…bad….


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