Used bookstores are cafes for the mind…

I just picked up a book of poetry from my fav. local used bookstore (about 3 blocks away. Hannah and I went for a stroll and some shopping…well, she played peek-a-boo with her toque while I perused the tattered poetry books…):

The Honeymoon Wilderness

by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco – current Poet Laureate of Toronto – his life is quite intriguing….wrote tonnes until 1986, then just stopped dead in his tracks (as far as writing goes) and joined a monastery, washing dishes for the other monks. He eventually became a priest.
This book was released in 2002 – his first release of a full collection in 16 years….should be intense.
I have barely cracked it open, but am already enjoying his style –

“The company of such men makes me
nostalgic. They were useless to everything,
but God”

– Pier Girogio Di Cicco – “Fraters” –


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