Artists using their spin for good…

Sarah McLachlan’s video for “World on Fire” is stunning and beautiful in its simplicity (“There’s beauty in simplicity” – Conor Searl “Poet” )-

I showed it in several classes on Friday, and the discussion it generated was quite thought provoking.

I would encourage you to watch the video…it is worth the 3 minutes. (Big thanks to Mark and Mel for the heads up on both this and the ‘evolution’ video- you two are beautiful people!)-

world on fire


3 thoughts on “Artists using their spin for good…

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  2. Aaron, we have talked about this so many times, of course, the difference is you, always, in the class, on the street, in this world, where some seem to be blind. Great post, in spite of it has not many words, but touching ones, Mercedes

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