Thom Knowles rocks the house

Thom Knowles rocks the house

Originally uploaded by James Matthew.

Had the pleasure of jammin’ with this guy while in Halifax.

A big thanks to Steve, Thom, and Jay for letting me come along for the ride!

Thom’s cd is pretty great – has hints of James Taylor. This guy isn’t afraid to be happy, which is refreshing considering the angst infused environment of the modern music scene.

Check out his website, with live recordings (“John Lennon” rocks!):


2 thoughts on “Thom Knowles rocks the house

  1. James!

    It hasn’t been the same since Steve-o’s wedding. Every now and then, I stop and think, “I wonder how my new best friend James is doing.” (I hope the title “my new best friend” doesn’t smack of presumption.) Thanks for leaving a comment on the ol’ site. You are a genius; Big Macs ARE in order. I’m not sure what first caused me to admire the BM (not just as a sandwich, but as a work of art), but I think it was the sauce: that divine combination of spices and various other ingredients that assaults one’s taste buds and cries, “Never let go, Jack!” It’s a beautiful thing.

    How is life in the Far West? What are you teaching these days?

    Your new best friend(?),

  2. Hey Thom!

    Thanks for droppin by!!

    I will gladly wear the title of ‘new best friend’ from you. You are a way cool guy!
    I am enjoying tracking your progress on the making the album blog- it is a neat way to get news out…
    Life on the far West is wet and soggy. Lots of rain…
    and I am missing the East Coast music scene … what an abundance of talent! Let me know when you head out this way, and we will book you some gigs…a house concert for one (and I know a few other places…) – this reminds me of Nathan pestering Jay that he will ‘promote his album’, but I assure you I am nowhere in the state that he was in…
    By the way, Rebecca Higgs played in Duncan (about 20 minutes from here – where I work) a few weeks ago, strange…but I didn’t hear about it until after the fact. I think it is time for a TK West Coast Tour!
    Teaching- high school English still (10-12), journalism 12, a wee bit o gr 7 writing and applied design (yearbook). Pretty intense…how about you? You still on the sub scene?
    Well – thanks for droppin the comment…hope all is going well in the big city. I am hoping for a signed cd when they come out, if that isn’t too much to ask…!!

    your new best friend fo’ shizzle!

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