New look…

Just playing around with blog templates again. I enjoy revamping (at the push of a button) to get a new look and feel to the ole’ net real estate…

Looking at my sidebar, it seems quite cluttered, but I like the header image (although I don’t seem able to tweak it…perhaps that is a paid feature).

I have been listening to a lot of itunes music lately – Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, David Crowder, Matt Maise…seems to be more organic music, more rootsy. I think this is a big reflection of where I am at in my head…trying to pair things down, simplify what I can simplify and reorder (or reinforce) my priorities. Hence the lack of blogging.

Lately reading in our house has been relegated to the bathroom. We have two children, and I am a full time teacher; we have little to no personal time. For an English major and book lover, this is a hard adjustment to make. When I was in my last year of University, I would read five novels a week….a bit extreme, I must admit, but it reflects my experience with ‘paper technology’.
Needless to say, reading a novel or anything of length takes a great deal of time with this new process.

Honestly, it is like intellectual deprivation. I have to say that side of my brain feels a little underfed, but I also understand that this is a season. There will be time for reading and pondering, but now is a time of growth in our family.


3 thoughts on “New look…

  1. I know this smacks of desperation but having blogs uploaded to my Pocket PC for offline reading was one way I have coped with lack of reading opportunity with a young (still) family, especially in the bathroom! And yes, a few blog posts have been started in that very same venue……

  2. It’s always tough when you feel like part of you has been cut off by demands from other parts of your life. But this kind of situation can also give you a new viewpoint to reflect from and assess that which is really important to you. It’s good that you can recognise that some things must pass, and that these things do pass. Sometimes all it takes is this realization to make an uncomfortable situation a little more enjoyable… not that this has any bearing on what’s happening with you, I’m just musing. Cheers for family time; it’s the best time we have on earth.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Graham….I have yet to reach the point of either owning a pocket pc or bringing it for bathroom reading, although we do have wireless….

    Ben– I agree on the toughness of feeling parts cut off by demands of other things…good take on the fact that it can give you a new perspective on things. It is always good to re-examine what we value vs what has taken time away from what we value.
    I agree, family time is pretty amazing stuff. I was glad to hear it from you…’it’s the best time we have on earth’ – what a cool statement!
    I’ve enjoyed keeping up to date on your blog

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