the joys of disconnect and wondering what all the hype was about…

There is something ringing in my brain. Not at the front, but way at the back behind the VHS tapes and dust bunnies. That something is this blog. Once in a while I feel the odd sensation of wanting to or ‘needing’ to write something for it.
The problem is I haven’t written anything here in several months. It has been a cold turkey kind of stop, one that makes me wonder how important or beneficial the blog immersion of the last year has been. If it is really that beneficial, then I would feel the withdrawal…one would think I would feel some kind of intellectual drain on my person.
As far as I know, this drain has not occurred. If anything, it has been nice to unplug. This feeling is similar to my ideas around television…
My family does not have television reception, so the only ‘tv’ we have comes in the form of rented movies. The result is that we do not catch the news; it does not invade our house every evening for several hours around dinner time. I have to say that I enjoy this disconnect most days (except for when students are telling me about ‘lost’, or when folks are talking about latest developments in the Middle East). I have similar feelings around my disconnect from the blogsphere.
I guess you could say the ‘disconnect’ has been great. Perhaps this is in part due to the summer holidays, but I am enjoying the free space in my brain and the time I am spending with my family. To be honest, I would rather these things than writing submissions to an edu-blog (oh, and by the way, my flickr addiction is still alive and well…).
I was wondering about blogging the other day…wondering about writing a blog where comments and ‘blog stats’ were not available. Would I write such a blog, or is it just some kind of attempt at net popularity? An interesting experiment, perhaps. Don’t get me wrong, I have greatly enjoyed the ‘conversations’ reading and writing has prompted, and I think in ways my teaching brain has benefitted by such a wider conversation. I have enjoyed these things, but am put off by the constant wondering if anyone has read a post or the checking of my blog stats whenever I have logged into my account.
Mostly, this entry is just an attempt to throw something into the blog ring…see how it feels… but I am still on summer vacation… I am still ‘being human’ and avoiding the teacher role…and the jury’s still out on whether I will write anything ed-related in blogville….
hope you are enjoying your summer.


One thought on “the joys of disconnect and wondering what all the hype was about…

  1. interesting… I was thinking the same thing. What if we completly screwed the blogging and flickr thing. Crrazy I know. But does it change anything in the world that we blog or add photos to flickr… why should it boost my self esetem that someone comments on a post? How ridiculous! What if we actually talked in person instead of all this commenting… I guess to not be a hyocrite I should stop posting.

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