The Nagging of Nothing…

My apologies for not posting to this blog for some time now…
I have been on blog hiatus for some time, and, to be honest, it feels good… I am enjoying not having an opinion on things, enjoying expressing myself through my camera, enjoying spending time outside of the blogosphere.
But there in the back of my head is a nagging…like some kind of tickle in my brain that states there is a blog out there somewhere with your name on it just waiting for a post that smacks of goodness.
This isn’t that post, but more of a sticking my toes in the blog ocean to see if it still ripples (I hope that didn’t sound vain….I just drank some coffee and am feeling witty).

Again, my apologies for nothing.
There will be something at some time, or maybe not.

By the way, Maclean’s reported on the ‘death of cool’ in one of their January issues. There is some kind of strange irony there…I think cool is Buddhist in the sense that it just reincarnates itself into some kind of new animal or wraps itself in new clothing.


2 thoughts on “The Nagging of Nothing…

  1. The death of cool? What the heck is Maclean’s reporting about that for? Totally agree with you: coolness will always reinvent. It’s part of the human condition don’t you think?

    Hope that coffee of yours gets your fingers typing again. Love your photo self expression…and really learn a tonn from your blogging expression.

    Here’s to seeing you around the blogshere again.

  2. thanks man….

    always glad to see your name pop up here.

    yes…i agree with you on the cool issue…it is always reinventing itself, and i think it is a big part of social hierarchy….

    i am hoping the coffee gets my brain going in this direction as well, as I have really enjoyed blogging in the past….
    I am loving your photo-goodness as well! Keep it up!!


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