Chasing Dragons…

It was a night tide; and soon after we went to bed, My Peggotty and Ham went out to fish. I felt very brave at being left alone in the solitary house, the protector of Em’ly and Mrs. Gummidge, and only wished that a lion or a seprent, or any ill-disposed monster, would make an attack upon us, that I might destroy him, and cover myself with glory. But as nothing of the sort happened to be walking about on Yarmouth flats that night, I provided the best substitute I could by dreaming of dragons until morning. (Charkes Dickens. David Copperfield , 138)

Since reading this passage several days or a week ago, I have been wondering about that childlike imagination, or that longing for some kind of heroic quest. I think we all dream of chasing dragons at some point in our lives, and wonder at what point (if any) that those dreams seem to cease…



3 thoughts on “Chasing Dragons…

  1. Great posts!
    Maybe the dreams die out at a point where you are just not capable to carry it further. Mmm youve got me thinking too.

  2. kranialfire,
    welcome to the conversation…I am always curious how someone has stumbled across my ramblings?

    Dreams…yes. maybe they die out after their initial implementation. There is a point where our dreams become reality or just dissipate when we wake.
    Living in a dream…would it lose it’s lustre? Would it be a dream?
    Is there a point where our dreams become lost in the journey towards adulthood? Where we somehow sell ourselves in order to become assimilated? If we all chased our dreams, would society fragment or rupture?
    I know there is a point where we learn that dragons are not really dragons; that they are careers or vocations or quests for meaningful existence.
    Perhaps that is it…meaningful living.
    There must be some way we can carry that childlike imagination and wonder through our lives…I think doing so will allow us to experience the world around us with wonder…
    Driving to work, I sometimes wonder when I stopped noticing some of the things around me….that is a sad moment indeed, when the mountains and the ocean lose their beauty in our eyes…or we cease to see that beauty.
    I think that is the moment when our childlike wonder and desire to ‘chase dragons’ begins to die…
    thanks for your comments…

  3. James,

    Stumbled upon your ramblings through the ‘next blog’ link on the top. Imagine the time i had on my side if i tell yo i stumble through 50 blogs before reaching yours.
    Anyways as far as i can tell living in a dream would be fun..for some time and then as ususal the Beast inside wakes up.We start to find fault in everything around. The whole saying of ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ comes into play there.
    Can we carry our childlike imagination and wonder throughout our lives? I believe so. But will be able to translate those imaginations into reality? Not always. Most of us are bound by circumstances and therefore persuing whatever we want may not always be possible. We, most of the times, settle for something thats way below the imagination line.
    Geez i hope this comment happens to be in-line with the rest. i kinda lost focus on what we were talking about. Lol 😉

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