A New Look for New Inspiration…

I have been thinking about the title of my previous post, the whole Minimalist thing….and, to be honest, I have been thinking I would like to change the look of my blog for some time now. I know it is vain, but I have always liked the idea that you can change your blog’s look at any time with no real problems…It is sort of like changing your net identity.

I’ll be honest here, I went through most of the wordpress themes checking them out, trying them out. One of my big beefs with the previous look was that all my links were jumbled into one messy pile (sort of like a laundry hamper…or my sock drawer, which, you should know, in no way is meant to insinuate that the links on my blog are in need of a good wash…oh boy…)

So, a new look. Pretty minimalist, but you can find your way around better in the blogroll. What do you think?

Folks who have been here before may have noticed some diversification in my link list. I have done this to round out this ‘net presence’ a bit.

Again, honesty here, I have been feeling that I have blogged myself into a corner in some respect. All this blogging about education and edublogging has made the rest of me feel a little marginalized.

I found myself thinking, this is really weird….here I have created my own piece of net real-estate and I feel locked out…

So, along with this new look comes a new freedom I have granted myself to write more about things outside of ed issues and blogging…

I hope this doesn’t alienate you from the experience. I would encourage those of you who are specifically reading my blog for ed issues to make use of the category list on the side. Feel free to subvert any posts that go outside of that focus, but I also invite you into the margins of this blog as well!

For now, my intent is to be more prolific or eclectic in my writing style, which flies in the face of a lot of my posts around ‘purposeful blogging’. I have contemplated and chatted with folks around the idea of starting a ‘personal blog,’ but I already feel like I have my fingers in too many blogs and don’t really want to take up more virtual space, wherever that may be…

Please don’t jump ship on me…if you must, then at least rock the boat a little before doing so…




8 thoughts on “A New Look for New Inspiration…

  1. Hey James,

    “You go boy!” Blogs are subversive, and subversive to themselves. If the great blogging rules state “thou shalt blog about one theme on thy blog” then you can bet that sooner or later, the blog will subvert itself and turn into a multi-themed experience. (Great word by the way.)

    I echo Kailem’s comment – your blog is a must read for me, and I’ll read everything you put up here.

    Keep it up!


  2. Kailem,

    glad you like the look, and thanks for the encouragement! I hope to ‘diversify’ my blog a bit!
    Perhaps that cd review should be one of the first ones….it is on my list of to do’s, I haven’t forgotten!

    looking forward to the concert!


  3. Aaron,
    Thanks for the props!
    I agree with you that the subversive nature of blogs makes them ummm… ‘subversive unto themselves’ as you stated. Very cool idea!

    Glad to hear you aren’t jumping ship!

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for your reply on my blog…I came across your blog on the Ontario blog project site. The coordinator writes a blog with links to other blogs, articles, etc. of interest. I can send you the link if you’d like, but I think it is http://www.enoreo.on.ca/blogs

    I am a grad student at UNBC working on my M.Ed in Multidisciplinary Leadership. As part of our coursework this semester, we needed to start a blog, use the class blog and explore “blog issues” (!!??) which led me to check into yours. The purpose of the blog was simply to use it as a tool to share our work with other students in the cohort, but for a few of us, it’s taken on a life of it’s own and we are exploring outside the basic requirements.

    I also teach in BC, but in the north, and in primary classes. Some of my cohorts in the MEd program will find your class blogs to be interesting, and useful to them.

  5. Rose,

    thanks for the comments. Your course sounds great. I gotta tell you that this blogging thing is a great tool for ed folk, both in and out of the classroom. Sure it has it’s glitches, it isn’t the ‘be all end all,’ but it is a great tool for writing and communicating. To be honest, sometimes I feel like dumping the whole thing and going back to paper and pen. Forget the bells and whistles…but, then you get a student asking you if they can do their assignment on the blog…and you smile. They actually want to do it (some of them).

    I hope you enjoy blogging. I hope you find it helpful.
    Welcome to the conversation.

  6. Andrew…
    heart stuff…man. you don’t ask for much, do you?!

    I will consider that, although a cup of coffee is much better for sharing heart stuff than a keyboard…
    will do my best. Thanks for the props!

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