Blog Block…and the Importance of Philosophy in Delivery

I have been feeling a real lack of inspiration as of late around blogging. A little tired of reading about edblogging and the fancy toys out there. I purposefully took a break over the Christmas holidays from blogging, but have found the return to be a step into blog block.

Perhaps this is partly to do with the rapidly approaching end of semester (could the school year really be almost half over?) and the funnel effect that comes along with it.

Whatever the cause, I am not feeling inspired by all things edblog related lately.

One thing I am coming to realize very clearly is that your learning/teaching philosophy drives your whole delivery. This may seem like a dead no-brainer, but it has been hitting me hard lately. What you believe about education, what you feel is at the core of it and what it is, will drive your in-classroom experience. It is crucial to get a grasp on or wrestle with you own teaching/learning philosophy if you want to understand why you do what you do in the classroom.

I think this philosophy is an evolving thing. It is not something you tack up on your door and take down when you retire. Rather, it changes as you grow and develop as a professional.
My own theory needs revisiting, especially after reading things like Warlick’s ideas on what it means to be literate in the here and now.

I think this exploration may take up some of my personal blogging time for the next while as I approach the end of semester and get ready to take up the weighty but thrilling English 12 gauntlet…

Another thought that is not related in the least: I keep thinking about setting up a personal blog…and why exactly I would want to do that is beyond me! Perhaps it is just the personal side of me wants some attention, or an outlet. Perhaps this is because I am enjoying the personal blogs I am perusing and their candor. Something else to ponder…


4 thoughts on “Blog Block…and the Importance of Philosophy in Delivery

  1. Actually I’ve missed your blogging – it has been a while between posts for you. If you want to read a blog that reads like a critical overview of edublogging issues might I recommend Artichoke as a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill blog. This blogger is like no other, combining poetry, quotes from pop culture, obscure educational references and a super-critical editorial style. Once you get past the localised references (not too bad for me, New Zealand isn’t far from Australia and I can translate anything you can’t understand!) and this guy (I think) really challenges the conventions of what a blog can be. Read and feel refreshed (or totally confused.) Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with injecting a bit of personal into the professional – it’s little snippets like that which give sneak peeks into someone else’s personal and cultural experiences. Though you’d only see pics of one of my sons or weird Aussie snack foods on my blog that would fit within this personal descriptor. Anyway, blogger’s block will clear itself up when you read something great and it sparks ideas and thoughts that just have to be blogged. Artichoke did it for me.

  2. Graham,

    Thank you for the encouragement and the links…I will be checking out Artichoke as soon as I finish this. It sounds like a dynamice site, one which would be a great example to emulate.


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