The Lit. Blog Gets Some Press…

A big thanks goes out to Rhea Borja of Education Week in Washington, D.C. for mentioning my literature class’ blog in her articles entitled: “‘Blogs Catching On as Tool for Instruction” , and “Blog Basics”.

And a teacher at a private school in Vancouver, British Columbia, has his senior English literature students blog on their reading assignments, bringing medieval narrative poems such as ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ into the era of ubiquitous computer technology.” (Borja, “Blogs Catching On” Dec. 14, 2005, par. 9)

Under the heading Selected Classroom Blogs:

English Literature 12 by James M. Nelson, Duncan Christian School in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Borja, “Blog Basics” Dec. 14, 2005, par. 11)

Please note: I will be contacting Borja to correct our location, as we are on Vancouver Island.

A big welcome to any Edweek subscribers who are visiting the site! Please feel free to leave any comments.

Redux: (3:53 PM) : Hyperlinks to the stories, although you may have to register to view them, are as follows:

“‘Blogs’ Catching On as Tool for Instruction:”

“Blog Basics:”


3 thoughts on “The Lit. Blog Gets Some Press…

  1. aaron,

    thanks for the applause.
    yes, it is a strange and pleasant experience to get a little press…
    goes to show that people are out there listening and interested in the conversation…that is pretty cool stuff.

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