Net Denzion Steve…

Net Denzion Steve…

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This weekend I got to watch a ‘digital native’ at work. It is very interesting…
At one point, Steve was checking his voicemail on his digital phone, and working on his mac, then got a voicemail message for ‘appointments’ on the east coast (vs Vancouver Island where we are), then was on the phone with them and using ical to schedule appointments for a few days later.
This was amazing to me.
Friday he is on Vancouver Island, talking via digital with the east coast, scheduling appointments on the other side of the country in two days.
My amazement probably gives away the fact that I am a ‘digital immigrant’ –although I am about the same age as Steve…so I guess there is hope for me yet.

Watching a ‘digital native’ at work is a dizzying and almost depersonalizing experience. What is the definition of an ai, or a cyborg (for lack of a better term) again?

Digital tech. as extensions of the self…
There’s one to think about…


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