Falling (Without a Net)

The network was down today at school, which meant my online courses were not online, and also meant I didn’t have access to the net.
So I spent the afternoon immersed in the Literature curriculum, paper style (my cdrom was at home). My office looked like a primitive ‘net,’ with curriculum printout open on the floor, copy of Hamlet on my lap, the laptop on the desk with ical open (but not jacked in), and printouts of past provincial exams spread out around me.
On the ride home, I couldn’t help but make the comparison to the net, complete with manual hyperlinks being texts that I would swivel and reach out to, thumb through, and gather information from.
So, before the net, was…the net.
On a tech note, I got asked by the principal today if I would be interested in doing a little blog evangelism with the staff. After forwarding him my blog addresses for the lit blog , the lit team blog and my own, he is interested in me doing a presentation of what we are doing on the blogosphere and implications of social software and integration into the classroom.
Should be interesting to see what kind of reception it gets…
It was great to see an administrator excited about the possibilities of ed-blogging!


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