learning as a multi layered thing…

“My personal knowledge is really a network of correspondences and connections. I learn by interacting with a huge network of individuals and learning objects (some are available online, some offline).” (“Teaching Connectivism” g siemens)

This is an interesting concept. I see my own learning as being a similar experience…It is not something that happens in isolation. I see my learning as being a pastiche of sorts of different experiences, conversations, readings. It is not something that was birthed in isolation, but in ‘connecting’ with other people and theire ideas (this is both through conversations in ‘real time’ and conversations that take place outside of the borders of time and space, ie. through reading texts by people long dead. These conversations can be seen as one-sided, as it may be myself who is doing all the talking, but is it really? My internal dialogs happen in reaction to what I read…in a sense, the author has said their part of the conversation…let’s just say Dostoyevsky via Crime and Punishment , as that is the conversation I am currently dropping in on. The fact that the author is dead does not lesson his voice. My side of the conversation is a delayed one, but is, nonetheless, a valid and constructive exercise as I reflect on his writing in my own mind, reading journal, my conversations in real time –My version of ‘online and offline’ learning).
I see my learning as a multi-layered thing (my literature students would chime in right now with the term/idea of a ‘palimpsest’–which I myself picked up from a university prof…). Everything I experience and come in contact with effects me in some way….it is through those connections (both on and offline…) that I see my learning taking place.


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